The CC Human Performance App: Golf Fitness

With this App you will take a huge step towards fulfilling your potential to be the best golfer you can be! Craig Campbell B.S. CSCS has utilized his 30 years in fitness and 10 years of clinical physical therapy experience and created a fitness program designed specifically to play better golf. You will maximize your strength and endurance, improve your core stability &  flexibility and have more confidence in a body that is more injury resistant and able to play the game you love for many years to come.

This program can:

  • Significantly lower your handicap
  • Add 15-20 yards to your drives
  • Improve your short game
  • Improve your endurance
  • Greatly decrease the chance of injury 

how It works

  • The program consists of four “phases” over a 12 week period.
  • Each phase lasts for three weeks. 
  • Each phase has workouts that develop golf mobility, core strength & stability for the lower back, abdominals and hips as well as the shoulder girdle. In addition, there are recovery workouts on your off days to further enhance flexibility & stability and CD (cardiovascular development) sessions to improve your endurance so that you feel as good on the back nine as you do on the front.  
  • Log unto the app every day and follow the workout laid out for you. 
  • As you progress, each phase increases in difficulty. This is to accommodate progression by continually challenging the body to improve. The program allows you to extend a phase if you are not ready to move forward at the end of each 3 week period.  
  • In addition to the main program you now also have access to three Bonus Workouts! A Pre Round Dynamic Warm Up which will reduce the chance of injury and prepares the CNS (central nervous system) to improve your power output by almost 20 percent! A Traveling Workout for when you’re away from home and a Short Time Workout when you have limited time to train.  
  • Each workout has video tutorials and directions for each exercise.