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Golf Stability: Improving Your Golf Game

This is the physical foundation of your golf swing. Without stability in your hips, core and shoulder girdle your body will compensate for these weak areas with inefficient movement patterns and the “leaking” of energy during your backswing. The result will be a swing far below your potential. The great news is that once you know what to do, a few exercises for just a few minutes a week can do wonders!


  • Hit Longer Drives
  • Hit Straighter Drives
  • Improve the Accuracy of their Short Game
  • Lower their Handicap 
  • Play more Often / Play Forever
  • Increase their Energy / Stamina on the Back Nine
  • Eliminate & prevent nagging Injuries that keep them off the course. Namely, Lower Back, Neck / Shoulder & Knee Pain. 
  • Become more competitive

Hip Stability

The hips determine internal and external rotation which is critical for swing mechanics. In addition, improper utilization of the hips forces you to use excessive motion in your knees and back, negatively affecting your swing mechanics and can lead to injury.

Core Stability

Your abdominals are the important link between your shoulders and hips. They need to be strong and stable to allow for disassociation between shoulders and hips for a quality backswing. If they are not, your ability to rotate is minimized, robbing your swing of mobility and power.

Shoulder Stability

Shoulders are often overlooked in golf, but if tight and dysfunctional their ability to store energy at the top of the backswing will be compromised, ruining your club head speed and wreaking havoc on your follow through.

Better Stability Means a Better Swing

Stability allows your body to have a fixed point from which the muscles can effectively store and release energy during your swing. Without this central stability your swing will suffer. Think of a baseball player trying to hit line drives and home runs while wearing roller skates and you’ll get the idea! Only with good stability as a foundation, can the muscles in the hips, core and shoulders work together to efficiently create, store and release energy to produce a better feeling, better scoring, consistent golf swing. 

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