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Golf Fitness Coaching Program

Maximize your potential and play your best golf game. Make your body a highly efficient golf engine.

Add 20-25 yards to your drives

Significantly lower your handicap

Improve your short game

Improve your endurance

Greatly decrease chance of injury 

Maximize Your Golf Game

Craig Campbell, B.S. CSCS®, has utilized his 30 years in fitness and 10 years of clinical physical therapy experience to develop a fitness program designed to help you play better golf.

William H.

“I am hitting the ball a lot  farther and getting on the greens far better than I was before. I also used to be exhausted on the back nine and now I feel great for the whole round!”

Where are you in your golf journey?

Whether you are a professional or just someone who loves the game, the final piece of the puzzle to maximize your potential and play your best golf is to make your body a highly efficient golf engine.

Golf is a great game, and for many it is a way of life. It is also one of the most difficult sports to play well and even more importantly, play well consistently and pain free.

Fred DP.

“I have had multiple illnesses, injuries and surgeries in my life. Back pain, neuropathy, a knee replacement, cancer, an auto-immune issue, carpal tunnel, ulnar nerve surgery. Craig has been there every step of the way, helping me to regain my fitness and perform my best on the golf course and off. With Craig’s guidance I am feeling great and playing great golf!”

How would you describe your career path with Golf? 

  1. Would you describe yourself as a competitive recreational golfer who loves to play? 
  2. Are you a high school golfer looking to acquire a college golf scholarship? 
  3. A Club Pro or an aspiring Club Pro? 
  4. Are you looking to qualify / pass Q School ? 
  5. Are you a touring professional and looking to maximize your potential?

Ray P.

“Working with Craig is the best thing I ever did for my golf game! 30 yards more on my drives and the back pain that has plagued me for years is now gone.”

Get results

Results you can get with the Golf Fitness Coaching Program

  1. Greatly improve the Strength and Flexibility of your Core 
  2. Maximize your Clubhead Speed
  3. Add 20-25 yards to your drives
  4. Improve your Short Game
  5. Eliminate Pain so you can Play More Often
  6. Make yourself much more Injury Resistant 
  7. Greatly improve your endurance and feel great on the back nine.

What will you get?

  1. Golf Fitness Evaluation to see exactly what your Body needs.
  2. Twelve Week Premium Golf Fitness Training Program designed specifically for you, your goals and your needs.
  3. Weekly One on One Coaching and Training Sessions online
  4. Weekly Training Program Adjustments and Progressions
  5. Support Weekly thru Email    
  6. Nutrition Education Program for improved Athletic Performance. Eat like an athlete to lose fat, gain muscle and endurance!  
  7. Twelve Week Sports Psychology for Golfers Course (week to week). 

Start Now

Whether you are looking to play your best golf for the rest of your life or maximize your potential to make your mark in competition, I can help you realize your full potential!

Golf Fitness Coaching Program

Why Settle

For Anything Less Than Your Absolute Maximum Potential?