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Premium Coaching Program

Stop settling for less than your maximum potential.

Lose fat without starving yourself

Gain muscle & improve posture

Regain energy & stamina

Turn back the clock

Increase motivation & sex drive

AchieveYour Fitness Goals

Craig Campbell, B.S. CSCS®, has utilized his 30 years in fitness and 10 years of clinical physical therapy experience to develop fitness programs designed to help professionals managing busy lives find a way to achieve their fitness goals.

Alfred V.

“Working with Craig has changed my life! I was so out of shape when we began training I would get exhausted walking around the block but I recently did 70 pushups in a row on my 65th birthday and beat the tennis pro at my club in straight sets!”

Everyone needs a coach.

To err is human, and so is to struggle with an area of your life. I have been in fitness, athletics and physical therapy for almost 30 years. And in that time I have helped thousands of people lose weight, significantly improve their athleticism, regain their health and turn back the clock. Unfortunately, I have seen countless others spin their wheels, wasting their time and eventually accepting defeat.

The best professional and Olympic athletes in the world have coaches, as do many of the top business & industry leaders. 

Lowell S.

“When I started with Craig I could not do a single pushup, and my hamstrings were so tight that I could barely straighten my leg. Now I do multiple sets of 60 reps and I feel great!”

If there is any message I can get across to you on this page is that you don’t need to waste anymore of your life trying to figure out what to do.

I can save you years of frustration and a boat-load of health related grief.

You have the ability to make huge improvements in the way you look, feel and perform. You don’t have to accept a protruding gut, high cholesterol and an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Refuse to accept that your best days are behind you. You can do something about it! 

Frank B.

“I lost 30 pounds and really improved my strength and stamina. I recently put on size 34 jeans! I have not done that in 20 years!”


With a simple, powerful plan that yields results based on true exercise science & physiology, nutrition and sports psychology. Here are the RESULTS you get with the Premium Coaching Program:   

  1. You will lose unwanted Body-Fat, without starving on ridiculous diets
  2. You will gain Muscle and improve your Posture
  3. You will regain your Health and feel Incredible 
  4. You will have abundant Energy and Stamina 
  5. You will significantly improve your physical ability and prowess.  This will result in a tremendous increase in your confidence and ability allowing you to maximize your performance in your career, your relationships and in the bedroom.
  6. You will turn back the clock and dramatically improve the quality of your life!  

What will you get?

To sum it up; you are going to reverse age-related issues, become strong and  powerful, have awesome health & fitness, look great and feel incredible!

Here is what you get on the Premium Coaching Program:

  1. 12 Week Premium Training Program designed specifically for you
  2. Weekly One on One Coaching and Training Sessions online
  3. Weekly Training Program Adjustments and Progressions
  4. Support Weekly thru Email    
  5. Nutrition Education Program to perform at your maximum while eating real food, no fad or ridiculous diets. 
  6. For Client’s who need a specific food plan a direct referral to one of the most prominent nutritional experts in the world Dr. Philip Goglia. Dr Goglia is the official nutritional consultant for the World Boxing Council, the official nutrition consultant for Gold’s Gym International, the go to nutritional expert for the Marvel movies and numerous other Hollywood blockbusters and countless professional athletes in the NFL, triathletes, pro cycling and more.    
  7. The 12 Week Mindset Fitness Program  to overcome self-sabotage, goal setting, overcome obstacles and finally get results. Most fitness programs don’t fail in the gym or even in the kitchen. They fail between your ears. Have you ever heard that knowledge is power? Well, that’s only a half truth. Knowledge is only potential power. You must have the mental acuity and strategy to take action and follow through. To implement the exercise, nutritional and lifestyle factors that can change your life. Some of the most dedicated, motivated individuals on this planet are found in professional sports. They all know what to do, but only those that can stay focused when stress is high and life keeps getting in the way become winners. This program works for everyone whether you’re trying to win a gold medal or lose forty pounds and get a promotion. Whatever your goal, this provides the winning edge.   

What sounds better to you? Endless doctor appointments, medications, man-boobs, fatigue diminished performance in your career, the golf course and bedroom OR feeling strong and powerful, enjoying a lean and attractive physique, having your wife see the man she married 20 years ago, enjoying abundant health, stamina and experiencing life to its fullest?   

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Want to look, feel and perform at an incredible level? The Premium Coaching program can get you there.

Premium Coaching Program

Why Settle

For Anything Less Than Your Absolute Maximum Potential?