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get To Know Craig Campbell

Looking good is certainly a worthwhile goal, but to develop and enhance your potential physical capabilities is what separates true human performance from mere aesthetics. I approach fitness not as a path to the perfect look, but as a road to discovery.

I was the typical kid growing up, devouring comic books and action movies but it wasn’t until my early teens that I was introduced to bodybuilding and the realization that I could change my entire body.

Transforming myself from a scrawny 128 pounds to a brawny 198 pounds was an eye opening experience, but just the beginning of my fascination with pushing the boundaries of human potential.

Growing up, I was drawn to comic book heroes like Marvel’s Captain America and DC’s The Flash – I still am today. As a fan of The Six Million Dollar Man series, I can still hear the opening in my mind – that the scientists could make Steve Austin, “better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.”

That curiosity, that questioning of, “But how?” is something I carry with me to this day. It drives not only my own personal journey but everything that I do.

I do not just believe, I am convinced that we have just scratched the surface of human physical performance. In my almost thirty years of professional experience I have had countless clients perform feats of strength and endurance that astonished their doctors and families. A client told by his physicians that he would never walk again escorting his daughter down the aisle unassisted for her wedding. A 75 year old knocking out over 70 pushups in a row, a 50 year old successfully running a marathon after back surgery, a 48 year old lost 100 pounds and got in the best shape of his life, hundreds of golfers eliminating back pain, lowering handicaps and adding 20 plus yards to their drives.

You have more in common with the people in these success stories than you may realize. Each one of them faced a challenge, and each one of them decided that where they were wasn’t good enough. They stepped forward, took action and followed through. Combine hard work, self-belief and sound science (that’s where I come in!) and you can go further than you ever dreamed.

Craig Campbell

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®)

I launched CC Human Performance to help people reach their maximum potential. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Whether you want to regain your health, become an Olympian or simply be the best version of yourself, the answers await you here. Are you ready to maximize your human performance?
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