Time to Change

For most guys it happens sometime fairly close to their 40th birthday. A growing unease that sharpens in focus when they gaze in the mirror or suck in their gut when passing women on the street. A feeling that he is not what he used to be. Older and wiser yes, but the paunchy and unimposing reflection staring back at him in the mirror is not what he wants to see. Unfortunately, most men feel resigned to the perceived inevitable. A sunken chest, an expanding gut, high cholesterol, handfuls of medications, less sex, more aches & pains and the acceptance of old age.

The truth is that while aging affects us all (Father Time is still undefeated!) how much time affects you as the years roll by and how well you weather those years are largely in your control. Eating correctly for your metabolic type, and an exercise program that addresses not only your goals but your physical needs can be incredibly successful.

A lot of guys train, but very few actually perform programs that are based on science. And while their efforts bear fruit they often have no idea how much leaner and powerful they could become with the right program. All exercise has some level of benefit, so doing anything can be helpful. However, many waste a lot of time and energy for very little return. Think about what you are currently doing and your results so far. Does your training incorporate spinal stabilization, mobilization or energy system development? Do you correctly know how to train your posterior chain and core?  Do you know how to implement macro and micro cycles for your training cycles to continue progression? How about injury prevention or dealing with current physical limitations?

The injury issue is a big one. As we get older, our chances of not only acute injuries rise but chronic problems due to non-use, misuse, neglect and bad training choices. If you are not dealing with a chronic issue now this may seem unimportant to you, but hurt your back swinging a golf club or lifting in the gym and that injury will alter your life! I worked in physical therapy for a decade and I can tell you many a story of a diminished life due to chronic, devastating pain.

Eating successfully is probably the most important factor in maintaining and improving health. Unfortunately, like exercise a lot of folks are trying hard but not receiving the full benefit of powerful nutrition.  One of the biggest reasons is the tremendous amount of misinformation circulating in the public domain. To make matters worse, they often (but not always) are authored by equally qualified people who advocate totally different ideas about what constitutes good nutrition.  Bob loses 30 pounds doing Paleo so his buddy Bill decides to do the same. After six months however Bill has only lost a few pounds. Bob feels great and energetic but Bill feels sickly and lethargic. To top it all off Bob’s latest cholesterol numbers are great but Bill’s get even worse! Why? Because Bob metabolizes proteins and fats well but does not do well with too many carbohydrates in his diet. Bill on the other hand metabolizes carbs easily and has a strong, stable insulin response (something Bob the Paleo King lacks). So to be healthy and lose unwanted body-fat and build lean muscle, Bill needs more carbohydrates in his food plan and less proteins and fats. For Bill a Paleo style diet will drive down his good cholesterol (HDL) and increase his bad cholesterol (LDL). And for Bob, if he abandons his high protein/fat lifestyle for lots of carbs and grains (aren’t they supposed to be good for you?) he will set himself up for type-2 diabetes and a host of other problems. To be successful in the long run, each individual’s metabolism should be addressed based on science, and not simply the opinion or results of others.

I routinely take men who are in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and have them reaching ridiculous levels of fitness that changes their lives and baffles their physicians.  There is a lot of rocket science behind proper training programs and nutrition but making these things work into your life is surprisingly simple. If you are willing to broaden your horizons, get away from Bro’ science and celebrity endorsements and be consistent you can accomplish wonders!

What sounds better to you? More strength, power, agility, balance, coordination, endurance, sexual vitality, improved mental acuity, improved confidence, less medical bills, look younger, feel younger, be healthier OR do you want to struggle to get out of your bed every day, feel tired all the time, become progressively weaker, fatter and unhappy, spend more money on medications than food, be on a first name basis with your pharmacist, spending the rest of your life waiting to die instead of living the full and wonderful life that awaits just outside your door. Are you ready? It’s Time to Change!


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