Some of you reading this article are eating right, training regularly and making steady progress towards your goals.  Many a reader however is struggling to eat correctly and has been skipping the gym. He may feel overwhelmed at work and with responsibilities at home. He knows he needs to drop that extra twenty pounds of fat slumming at his waist. His blood pressure is rising and other parts may not be (I know that hurts). The man staring back at him from the mirror is not the man he wants to be. He wants to change but every week brings the same old story; missed opportunities, false starts and unfulfilled promises. Maybe it’s none of those things. Maybe he is just confused as hell about what to do, how to do it, and where to begin.

If the above paragraph described you realize that you are not alone. Millions of men across this planet don’t like how they feel, perform or look. In the United States alone over 40% of the adult population is considered to be not just overweight, but obese.

So what to do? I could talk for hours about the who, what, why and where of getting started but none of that will matter unless your mind is right. It doesn’t matter what the teacher knows unless the student is ready to listen. And the first thing to do is the most important. You need to take some form of action to move you towards a better you. Don’t worry about complicated plans of what to eat or how to exercise. Not yet. Make no mistake they are vitally important! But that will come later. Right now you need to get off your ass and do something! Anything that betters your health. Anything that you have needed to do but haven’t. Don’t make it complicated. If you need to get rid of the Pepperidge farm that keeps calling your name at 10pm every night then throw it away right now. If you’ve been meaning to exercise but never get started, grab your keys, throw on some sneakers and go for a walk right now (after you finish my article of course!), if it’s raining outside, run in place, jump rope, or maybe do  little stretching. Nothing complicated, nothing extreme (be safe), just get started.

“The Secret of getting Ahead is getting Started” Mark Twain

Feels good doesn’t it? Doing something, anything immediately is a powerful thing. It will help you build that emotional momentum so that when you start a fitness program you won’t just start it, but finish it.

What to do? Get out pen and paper. Be honest with yourself. Do you really want to change? Write it down. Do you believe you must change? Write it down. List the reasons why you need to make this happen. How will your life improve if you follow through and succeed? Where will you be and what will happen if you just go back to the same old excuses? Do you believe you can change? Write down why you think you can do it. Display your answers where you will see them and read them aloud every day. Commit to your goals not because I or anyone else tells you to do it, but because you really want it.

With your mind right and a little momentum behind you decisions will come easier, your path will be straighter and your resolve will be strong. But the first step, the most important step is to decide to take action and then TAKE that action. Get off your Ass and let that man in the mirror be the man you want him to be.



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