If you are anything like me, the holidays are a wonderful conundrum. On one hand I don’t want to gain oodles (are oodles covered in chocolate?) of extra pounds. But on the other hand, yummy goodies that are most certainly covered in chocolate are everywhere! So what to do? Eat normally every day. Don’t skip any meals in a vain attempt to save calories for cheesecake and cookies later. So what about the good stuff? Enjoy it! Have some cookies, egg nog and cake. Indulge in chocolate and a few glasses of wine. Just relax and focus on not eating quickly which is a lot easier than trying to force yourself to eat slowly. Stick with the stuff you really want and not just anything you come across. Try to keep the splurge over just a few days and then get back on track. Drink plenty of water and stop before you feel stuffed. Value those you love and have a great holiday!

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